Sunday, March 21, 2010

Biking to Church

Okay, in the interest of full disclosure I didn't end up making it to church. Last fall I had biked successfully to Salem a few times, and being without a car (and also with the hope to get there with zero emissions), I decided optimistically to ride to church this morning. It was sunny, but not as warm as yesterday. Still, that didn't deter me. I got my gear, put on the helmet and off I went.

The first hill is actually a medium grade but it is a very long one. Last year, I had to stop and walk the bike the first time, but as I got stronger, I was able to make it without stopping. Well, a winter of little or no exercise set me back. I had to walk almost the full length. By the time I reached Salem State College I was exhausted, dejected, and it was already 10:05. I figured that by the time I reached church, the service would be more than halfway over. I had to face reality.

So I thought perhaps I would forget church and detour to Salem Pioneer Village. It's a nice spot. But then I saw the Salem Bike path and decided to explore it. It's a beautiful path - paved and divided by a bright yellow line. That lasts all the way to Rte. 114. Then you cross the road and you're on a dirt trail. Still it was beautiful - birds were singing, people were out hiking and jogging and biking. I saw a sign that said "Wyman Woods - 33.5 acres".

I have ridden the Marblehead bike path before and very soon I recognized the path from previous rides. I rode the rest of the way to downtown Marblehead and ended up on School St. in front of the Atomic Cafe...time for a coffee and a flatbread egg & cheese. Yum.